About Us


We are explorers, collectors, travelers, designers, believers in all things beautiful… global spirits and above all we are always… COLLECTING SUMMERS.
This is our moment! Excess has been edited, things have made space for experiences, time is the new level of luxury… Comfort, design and fashion come perfectly together in our pieces.
We are passionate about encouraging our muse to show the image she wants to portrait through our pieces… we support her body with our exaggerated attention to technical construction.
Through the summer memories we collect, we show our muses new ways to enjoy life… encouraging a healthy life style, travels and a perfect balance of body and mind, while giving back to the planet we get to enjoy.


Our everyday world, our relationships and our travels inspire our passion for swimwear. Collecting summer memories is what we want her to do with our pieces, that is what sparks our creative process. We want to elevate our muses and make her feel stronger and even more confident than she already is.